We came across this article the other day, entitled ‘7 ways to ensure your website makes a good first impression’.

Now, we don’t disagree with any of it per se.

But it’s yet another example of someone in marketing so tied up in detail that they fail to see the bigger picture.

Which is, what is the primary purpose of a website?

Yes it should load quickly and grab your attention. But more importantly it needs to give the user what they want, as quickly and simply as possible.

Whatever you do or sell should be conveyed instantly, with further, easily accessible information deeper down.

Your unique selling proposition – what makes you different – should be relevant and obvious; your user journeys smooth and clear.

Achieve this and you may gain a new customer. Or keep an existing one satisfied.

Whereas simply adding an attention-grabbing video, making good use of ‘white space’, and filling the site with “buzzy content” (whatever that means) won’t help sales one jot.

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