No matter what day it is; no matter what time of year – when I enter the office in the morning only one thing is for certain: at some point during the day I will get a call from a trade magazine.

They all want to know if we’ll buy some space in their next publication.

Once upon a time, the answer would have been an emphatic ‘yes’ (budget depending, of course).

But sadly those days are long gone. Why? Because people in industry are not reading the very journals aimed at them. The B2B world is changing, largely due to the rise of the internet.

We wanted to check this out further, so we conducted a formal research session with one of our clients – a large architectural & surveying practice.

We started by asking individual architects one simple question: “when you need to look for a new supplier, where do you go?”

And every single time the answer was “Google”.

“So what about trade journals then?” we enquired.

“We keep them in a pile under our desks”.

The younger the person we spoke to, the less likely they were to mention anything printed.

People just don’t have time to flick through libraries of trade brochures. And with Google around to answer their questions at the click of a mouse, why would they?

So what’s the moral of the story? That B2B companies need to wake up to the fact that planning and implementing a good SEO strategy is far more beneficial than running a half-page ad in a trade journal.

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