The web is big. Google is scary.

And vice-versa. Whichever way you look at it, there’s no escaping the fact that your company’s web presence is central to how well your business performs.

Google, as we already know, is endeavouring to monopolise the internet. It has already done so with internet search.

Want the recipe for the perfect potato gratin? Find it on Google. Need to know the name of your competitor’s new MD? Google. Thai bride? Google.

Google, Google, Google.

So if Google has the answers, then what are the questions?

Well, that’s something every company should be asking: “What are ‘my consumers’ typing into Google? And how can I get myself to the top of their search results, so they find me first?”

Your website is vital, but if no one can find it, then you have a problem.

Google’s ever-changing algorithms mean we’re constantly fighting to keep ourselves, and our clients, visible. But it’s a battle we have to fight. And so do you. It’s not enough to simply create a powerful website. You have to keep on using it; honing it. Think of it as something living; something needing to be cared for.

We’ve certainly had a lot of success in making our clients visible, and keeping them that way.

We’re not suggesting that we have all the answers, but we never forget that with each passing day, more and more, you are your website. So make sure it reflects you positively, take care of it, use it, and whatever you do – don’t forget about Google.

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