As an advertising and web design agency we may not like Google very much – see here, here and here for recent rants – but we do have a healthy regard for their dominance in our marketplace.

And what concerns us most is the way in which these days, audiences often equate a brand’s search rank with its market position. Red Alien SEO logo

In other words, whoever comes top of Google in your category is often considered category leader – however large or small they actually are.

This is an issue that’s particularly problematic in the business-to-business sector, where the trade media’s decline has limited the effectiveness of traditional advertising.

And it makes SEO an absolute necessity for B2B marketeers, even if your business is not actually performing transactions through the web.

We’ve been searching over the last six months for a knowledgeable and expert partner to maximise our abilities in this sector. That search is now over, and we’ve selected Red Alien.

MD Zak Jacobs is just the sort of obsessive we like – knowledgeable, engaged, and the possessor of a Kremlinologist’s skill in interpreting the true meaning of Google’s pronouncements.

Of course, Google make their money from Adwords, not natural search – so it’s in their interests to put SEO specialists like Zak out of business.

But we’re confident that, with Red Alien’s help, we’ll be better placed than most to keep you at the top of those rankings – whatever Google do next with their algorithms.

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