SEO has never been easy. Those who find a way to ‘game’ the system are invariably penalised within weeks by some change to the Google search algorithm.

Of course, it’s in Google’s interest to make their algorithm as obscure as possible, since it encourages companies to pay for their ad listings instead.

But in the last twelve months there’s been a development from Google which we heartily applaud. The company has publicly stated that it now seeks to improve the quality of its search results by giving higher rankings to the websites that users have found most useful in answering their search query.

How they measure this we cannot say. Some have speculated that it may involve monitoring how long users spend on a site, or even an artificial intelligence assessment of the quality of the language.

But the mechanism makes no difference to the fundamental point.

If you create a website that is easy to use, relevant, and useful to the searcher, it will rank more highly.

Fortunately, that’s what we’ve always regarded as our job anyway.

NB: None of the above means that we’ll stop performing all the ‘good housekeeping’ necessary for excellent SEO: ensuring that your site contains good inbound links from high value sites; that it is well labelled, so that Google knows what each page is about; and that it contains fresh, useful high quality content.

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