Cambridge Maintenance Services provide facilities management to agents and building occupiers across the country. It’s one of the fastest growing companies in the Cambridge area.

For some years they had been running a small WordPress website that simply listed their services, but to win new business they relied primarily on face-to-face pitches, in which price was often the most important determining factor.

To help Cambridge overcome the pressure on their margins, we worked with them to understand what set them apart from the competition. It was hidden in plain sight: in a bid to reduce costs and provide a better service for their clients, Cambridge had actually developed several major technological innovations.

And so the idea of Smart Maintenance was born, along with a series of poster-style ‘ads’ that took advantage of some nearby University. Running across a new website, on brochures, in presentations and on other marketing materials, these instantly communicate the fact that Cambridge is a maintenance company that is genuinely unique.


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