Trace Solutions is the UK’s leading developer of property management software. But it is specialised software, relevant only to a limited number of companies. Their total target audience is fewer than 5,000 individuals worldwide.

So you may think it strange that well over half of Trace’s marketing budget is spent on that mass marketing tool par excellence: the internet.

Are we guilty of using a sledgehammer to crack a nut?

Not at all, and Trace’s new site proves the point.

For a start, it’s radically different from anything their direct competitors are doing. In fact it strives to be as unlike the dull norm of British corporate websites as possible.

Visitors are instantly presented with a bold set of advertising messages, alongside a simple interface to direct them wherever they need to go.

Our job hasn’t finished with the site’s creation: we manage all its content, adding the latest marketing campaigns and keeping the rest of the materials fresh. We also watch how visitors use the site, and use that information to refine the interface.

All of our marketing activities – online and off – are now focused through the website. As a result, Trace enjoy all the benefits of accountability, measurement and experimentation that only the internet can provide.

True, traffic may be low compared to some of our consumer clients; but many of these visitors go on to make purchases worth thousands of pounds.


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