We’ve mentioned elsewhere how we helped our client Intervet to reinforce their position amongst vets as the market leader in pet vaccines. Here’s how a related campaign approached pet owners directly – and sparked a huge uptake in vaccinations.

Dubbed National Vaccination Month, it began as a PR initiative. But what could have been quite low key became far more significant when a budget was allocated to TV advertising.

The script we proposed was actually a blank sheet of paper. Our plan was to speak to real owners, who had lost pets to disease, and use what they said directly. We gambled that their words would prove far more powerful than anything we could put into the mouth of an actor.

And so it proved. But the ad also had a very direct purpose – to get owners to visit a website and download a voucher. So production of both ad and website proceeded in parallel.

With a comparatively small budget, the TV campaign could only run for two weeks, and even then sparingly. But so powerful was the emotional ‘crunch’ of the ad, we saw a huge surge of hits on the website every time it ran.

The campaign has run three times, most recently in May this year, when a further 47,000 owners took advantage of the scheme.

In all, some 116,000 animals are now protected who might otherwise have fallen prey to disease.


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