It doesn’t surprise us that so many companies have given up on advertising.

It’s because so much of the advertising they get from their agencies doesn’t work.

We recently did a short campaign for a humble diuretic – a pill given to elderly dogs to ease the later stages of heart failure.

The previous incumbent agency had clearly enjoyed itself producing some ads, but the ads themselves had had absolutely no effect on sales.

Indeed, so weak were the results, that when we proposed almost nothing but advertising in our pitch, the client was clearly nervous.

But strategy first. Hidden inside that diuretic was a powerful benefit, one that could make the pill into a market leader – if only vets and owners knew about it.

And our striking ads made sure they got to hear about it.

Despite a very limited media budget, sales rose immediately by 20.4% in the quarter following the campaign. One year on, year on year, sales by volume are up 33%.


We believe that every product has something great within it.

You just need an agency that can find it.


Scroll down to see the ads.

full page advert for Vetoquinol
Trade advertising for Vetoquinol by Stanton Shallcross
Vetoquinol advert by Stanton Shallcross

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