Ads about drains aren’t usually known for their pulling power.

But that’s not the drain’s fault. It’s usually a problem with the agency.

Confronted by a technical or business-to-business product that lacks glamour, most agency creatives simply aren’t interested enough to do a good job.

Our success in business-to-business marketing is built on the fact that we relish a ‘difficult’ brief, and the prospect of converting it into a simple, successful, sales pitch.

We do this by delving deep enough to uncover what the target really needs to know, and then presenting those messages with the ‘sexiness’ they need to get noticed.

Here are some of the ads we did for ACO, the world’s largest manufacturer of channel drainage. They demonstrated the degree of authority that only a market leader could supply – and were totally unlike anything that the building press had seen before.

And yes, they had a markedly positive effect on sales.



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