Financial software company Trace Financial has been an advertising and print client for many years. But only recently were we able to persuade them that their self-written website was badly letting them down.

The new site we’ve created is clean and modern and has all the functionality you’d expect from one of our Drupal installations.

But to be honest, the most important part of the whole process was how we worked with Trace to clarify the messages the site needed to communicate.

In a series of workshops we explored how they could differentiate themselves from the competition.

Ultimately we arrived at a Unique Selling Proposition that – given the complexity of the product – was a model of clarity and simplicity.

Armed with the USP, the website too became clearer and more focused. Not only did it communicate the message instantly; we also knew which companies, people and keywords to target, and how to structure the most important user journeys.

Most web designers build an empty container and then worry about how to fill it.

At Stanton Shallcross, it’s always the communication that comes first.


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