MobileIron is the world’s leading security solution for mobile device management, and our client Bridgeway Security is their principal partner in Europe.

Bridgeway approached us to launch their new ‘Software as a Service’ product, a reporting interface that drew on MobileIron data and repackaged it in a much more user-friendly way.

It would have been easy to throw together a new website and perhaps a few brochures, but we realised that the sales potential of a closer link with MobileIron was huge.

Our pitch, therefore, was as much about bringing MobileIron on board as a supporter, as it was about selling the new product to end customers.

We created a new brand – IronWorks for MobileIron – that immediately linked the two companies; and a positioning that left MobileIron as the ultimate in security, with IronWorks as its human face.

IronWorks logo

The campaign has included direct marketing (paper-based – let’s leave email to the spammers), a microsite, a brochure, and a poster campaign at a major security conference. Uptake amongst MobileIron clients has been nothing short of spectacular.

As for MobileIron themselves – well, they quite like being seen as the Iron Giant. Their brand remains intact; ours is rapidly developing a life of its own.


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