Intervet invited us to launch a new BVD vaccine into a market dominated by a well known competitor.

BVD is an insidious disease of cattle that causes large losses to dairy herds over time, but has few visible symptoms.

We had nothing different to say about the vaccine itself – worse still, its name was almost identical to the competitor’s.

However, the competitor’s marketing materials treated BVD as a bit of a joke, using talking cartoon cows as their central creative idea.

We sought to show that this disease was no laughing matter.

A series of 3-page ads contrasted the farmer’s limited understanding of the problem against cold, hard, horrifying facts. Backed by free testing, this was a bold and impactful campaign that no farmer could fail to notice.

The results were spectacular. We overtook the competitor four months after launch and never looked back, achieving 80% share in two years. A new mass market had been established.

Intervet described the vaccine’s launch as their fastest and most successful ever.


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