Linguamatics is the sort of fantastic company you often encounter in Cambridge. Smart and friendly, with a world-beating product, they’re growing so fast they’ve barely had time to consider how to market themselves.

As at the time of writing, they’re also our newest client.

Their principal software product allows researchers and others to scan through vast collections of data – often freeform text, such as healthcare records written by doctors – and locate the connections and other nuggets of valuable information that would otherwise remain hidden from view.

And yet their self-penned, self-designed brochures were dense and wordy, with a limited number of pictures. The principal message that the brochures were communicating was effectively the very opposite of what the company’s software actually did.

In our newly created versions, the purpose of each brochure – indeed, the central point of the software – is clearly expressed through what is, in effect, an advertisement.

Our new text then clearly explains the rest of the argument in a logical fashion, with the detail increasing the further the reader proceeds.

And we’ve done the same for their website, too.


Linguamatics brochure 3


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