Trace develops property management software and has been a valued client for many years. But for much of that time, marketing has resembled trench warfare.

That’s because Trace is number 2 in the market, and although we’ve always been adept at competing against the much larger market leader, we’ve never been able to overturn the existing brand hierarchy.

But when a gap in the line presents itself, that’s the time to strike with everything you have. And that’s exactly what we recently did with Trace Solutions.

A secret three year development project had produced a piece of software so innovative, it could well shake up all sorts of sectors that use professional business software.

But in Trace’s home market, it is quite simply going to revolutionise the way in which property management is done.

This was no time to let the product drift, unnoticed, onto the market – only to see it copied by the market leader in a couple of years. Instead, we stage managed a spectacular event to mark its launch.


In front of 300 specially invited guests at a major London venue, we put on a keynote presentation to explain and reinforce the narrative, with multiple accompanying videos and carefully rehearsed demonstrations. Not only did we launch the new product–revealing its name as Mojo–we took the opportunity to dramatically update Trace’s corporate image and website.

Kevin Grice - Trace SolutionsBy the time the stunned and excited guests emerged from the show, they found a venue that had been completely transformed, with hanging banners and the new graphics everywhere in evidence.

Most importantly, Trace has been transformed too. The team is re-energised and eager to compete as never before.

Trace, at last, is in the driving seat.


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