Although you’d never guess it from all the spam we receive each day, email marketing doesn’t have to be brash or shouty.

In fact, if it’s done with careful targeting and focused creativity, it can easily stand out from the crowd – and, what’s more, generate significant high value sales.

One such example was a campaign we recently produced for Trace Solutions, the property management software specialists. The total audience for the product is fewer than 5000 individuals, but our carefully constructed database included all their email addresses.

That gave us the opportunity to run a textbook email campaign, in which 20% of the messages despatched were opened and read.

Postage-based direct mail almost never gets results as high as that. And in this market, the wastage from traditional media advertising is close to 98%. But what really set this campaign apart was the ability to observe – and identify – every single person who visited the website as a direct consequence of the email, and track their future actions.

The campaign led directly to sales, and emails are now a regular part of the marketing mix.

But the most interesting fact of all was the total cost of the campaign.

It was less than half the cost of a single full page insertion in Estates Gazette – the medium in which Trace once placed a traditional display ad every month.




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