Most agency designers are trained in art schools, and art schools are not commercial institutions.

So it’s hardly surprising that ‘state-of-the-art’ design can be wilfully obscure. Even worse, it can be confusing, unreadable and counter-productive.

Of course, we have our fair share of top art school trained designers, and we’d never seek to ignore their creativity. But we do make sure they adhere to the fundamental principle of marketing: to communicate the sales message effectively.

By way of illustration, Autoglass – the UK’s largest windscreen replacement organisation – first approached us actually looking for ‘wackiness’. They wanted to target their fleet customers with a brochure that avoided all the clichés of the automotive industry.

The Goldfish brochure was the result, and it was a great success. There was hardly a car in sight.

However, not long after, they had a real, hard hitting message to get over to those same fleet customers. This revolved around the safety concerns of having a windscreen poorly fitted.

The result – which included stills from crash test footage – was appropriately different, and the sales gratifyingly large. Other (consumer) work soon followed.



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