Intervet is one of the world’s largest suppliers of animal pharmaceuticals. These are difficult, complex products, of the kind most usually handled by specialist healthcare agencies.

When we first met, we didn’t have any such experience.

Our first brief was to sell vaccines to pig farmers. Potentially a bit of a stinker, you might think, and indeed the learning curve was steep. Rather than just relying on what the client had to tell us, we visited farms, talked to farmers on their home ground, got to know their language and their concerns.

And yes, we got a little dirty in the process.

But the result was a powerful, integrated and award-winning campaign that told the farmers just what they needed to know – about products that were, in fact, remarkable. It combined ads, direct mail and exhibitions. And it helped increase sales by 66% over 12 months.

This same approach has worked countless times in many diverse market areas.

And it all boils down to this: we don’t believe any product is too complicated – or too simple – to have nothing to say.



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