As a general rule of thumb, people don’t like ads.

That’s why we’ve had to work so hard to make them persuasive, as well as noticeable. It’s why we have to be so selective when we’re placing them.

But the dislike of ads reaches a whole new level on the internet.

Those flashing banner ads and intrusive pop-up videos are a constant and largely unwanted distraction.

Hence the rise of ad-blocking software.

According to PageFair, it’s growing at a rate of 43% each year.

Even Google has anticipated the blocking of its own Pay Per Click results by encouraging businesses to use its Google+ product, which gives companies the ability to vie for business over promoted local listings instead.

So what does this tell us?

That people are willing to actively take steps to hide online ads, rather than simply ignoring them, goes a long way to show how ineffective they really are.

And then there are the abysmal click through rates.

So apologies to all those online publishers out there, but we think your marketing budget would be better spent elsewhere.


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