Our sole focus with SEO is to get relevant people – potential buyers, people who might influence a purchase, and existing customers – to the pages on your website that best fulfil their needs.

If your page satisfies those needs better than that of your competitor, Google assures us that its clever algorithms will, eventually, put you top of the search results.

Here’s how we do it:

1) What makes you different?

Differentiation is at the heart of everything we do, including SEO. So before we start, we will already have established how we plan to set you apart from the competition.

2) Research

Next we get specific about the key people you’re trying to bring to your site. We look deep into their needs and motivations, to learn what they’re typing into Google, and what information they’re looking for.

3) Establish target phrases

Often it’s better to avoid your market’s generic search queries altogether. We’ll concentrate on ‘long tail’ questions that better reflect your differentiation and your audience’s true needs: there’s much less competition there.

4) Copy & design

This also leads to a tighter, more focused site. We’ll create web pages that satisfy your visitor’s needs as much as possible, always ensuring that your ‘point of difference’ is to the fore.

5) User experience

We put a lot of effort into making user journeys straightforward, so that people can find what they’re looking for without having to think. In this, we try to satisfy the competing needs of different users.

6) Build & technical set up

All our sites are created using content management systems, with lots of built-in versatility to allow content to evolve in the future without the need for expensive extra development.

Also as a matter of course, our websites are tagged and optimised so that Google knows exactly what each page is about. You won’t be able to see all this work, but Google will.

If we’re replacing an older site, we’ll also add redirects, so that we don’t throw away any of the trust or authority you’ve acquired previously.

7) The future

The above steps should ensure that we hand over a highly functional website that satisfies the needs of your target audiences.

But that’s not enough. No one is ever an overnight success as far as Google is concerned. Building their trust and your site’s authority takes time and effort.

It takes external links to your site, preferably from highly trusted websites such as news organisations. We can help you here by running an online PR campaign.

It takes a bit of evolution, too. The world changes and no-one ever gets it right first time anyway – but by careful study of analytics and reactions from the field you can improve your web pages and user journeys so that visitors linger longer. Google likes seeing sites that are actively improving, and we can help you with both the analysis and the polish.

Finally – although we very much recommend honing your site and adding to it frequently with new articles that are relevant to topical issues and your current marketing campaign – be careful not to add “content” or use social media for the sake of it. Google won’t thank you for irrelevant crud that solves no one’s problems. We can help keep you focused.

Long term – and it is a long term commitment – SEO is most effective when it’s an integral part of your wider marketing, advertising and PR activity, and follows the same brief.

With all of that, we can help.


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