Maurice Saatchi tells a story:

Every day, a blind man sat on the pavement in Central Park. He had his hat in front of him, begging for money. It read:

I am blind

Passers-by ignored him. One day, an advertising man saw his plight. He altered the wording on his sign and the cash started pouring into the hat.

What had he done?

He had changed the sign to read:

It is Spring and I am blind

If you run a business-to-business website, think of that sign as your homepage.

The people surfing past are busy, and won’t want to linger, but they will glance briefly in your direction.

You can baldly state what you do, and that’s fine – but it won’t necessarily bring in the money.

You can add that you’re great, or better, or best – but let’s face it, they’ll never believe you.

Or you can inject a little magic, in the style of a great, simple, advertising poster – a poster that just happens to be on the front of your website.

Only then will the coins rain down.

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