It’s powerful

There are many open source content management tools available, but if your site needs to do any heavy lifting, Drupal is by far the best equipped. We’ve used it to create the most complex sites imaginable, and it’s held up under the strain.

It’s open source

Which means a huge range of modules are available free of charge, to do almost anything you want. Why pay someone to reinvent the wheel each time you need to add something to your website?

It’s flexible

It’s been successfully used for marketing sites, e-commerce, support sites, site builders and a huge range of sophisticated applications. All those applications scale well, too.

It’s maturing

Backed by the second largest open source community (after WordPress), Drupal is developing all the time. The latest interface admin tools are genuinely groundbreaking.

It’s very usable

The back end interface is improving all the time, learning the lessons from thousands of websites worldwide.

It’s good for SEO

Drupal has simply great out-of-the-box SEO, which means less budget needs to go into making it accessible and search engine friendly.

It’s widely used

A proprietary system will bind you to the company that writes it – a cool business model for the developer, but not for you. If we create a site for you, and in the unlikely event that we part company, any of the UK’s excellent Drupal developers could work on it.


UPDATE: Although Drupal remains our principal development platform, we’ve also recently begun to develop in WordPress where appropriate. You can read the pros and cons of the competing platforms, and why we took that decision, here.


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