“Recently we’ve had this ridiculous thing in marketing called ‘relationship marketing’; where you get happy-clappy, touchy-feely, weepy-creepy, open-toe sandals, muesli-eating hummers, all talking about ‘delighting customers'”. Professor Malcolm McDonald

These are the words of Professor Malcolm McDonald, one of the UK’s leading academic authorities on marketing strategy, in a recent interview for the Cambridge Marketing Review (listen to it here from 15:46).

He continues:

“Directors couldn’t give a toss about ‘likes’ on Facebook. What we’re interested in, in business, is the bottom line.”

“If you haven’t got a strategy for what you sell and who you sell it to; and why people should buy from you rather than from someone who’s got something similar, then digital isn’t going to be anything other than an expensive waste of time”.

Hmm. That all sounds very very very familiar.

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