I was listening to the radio this morning. They were doing a piece on virtual reality.

The interviewee – the CEO of a VR technology firm – had some exciting news.

His company is working to incorporate VR into theatre productions, films, television programmes, music videos and gaming.

They are working with medical schools to provide new methods of training surgeons; with flight operators to help tutor pilots; and on campaigns to raise awareness of impaired vision – using VR to show people how it feels to be blind or partially sighted.

Sadly, he didn’t speak of plays or films or television shows or training videos or awareness campaigns.

He simply called it all “content”.

But the word “content” belittles what you actually produce.

Whether it’s a beautiful ad, a drawing, a letter, a photo, film or book.

If you call it “content”, it becomes anonymous.

Another piece of stuff.

Another piece of clutter to ignore.

And being ignored is the opposite of what marketing should be about.

By Caitlin Alvey


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