Google likes fresh content. To the search engine giant it demonstrates a living, breathing site.

Sadly Google’s bots have no means of assessing the quality of that content, as they roam the endless pages of the web.

Those of us in the business of producing professional content – content such as ads, brochures and web pages, every single day of our lives – we know how hard it is to produce the sort of stuff that prospective customers might actually want to read.

Those in the business of SEO, not so much. They just want content.

Here’s a couple of great American copywriters moaning the same moan: George Tennebaum at Ad Aged and the ever brilliant Ad Contrarian.

But as we’ve said before, it’s the creative tension between websites that work for SEO and websites that work as advertisements that keeps this job interesting.

UPDATE: thankfully Google no longer sees endless supplies of “content” as a prerequisite to good search ranking. This doesn’t mean people have stopped filling the World Wide Web with crud, though.

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