Welcome to Cambridge: Europe’s most successful cluster of technology and bioscience companies. It’s a hothouse for world-changing ideas and innovative new businesses.

So it’s a shame that their websites aren’t quite so world-beating.

Even the pretty ones usually fail at some fundamental level to explain what the products and the services are about, or why anyone should buy them.

But that’s hardly surprising. Because there is an underlying flaw in almost all web design agencies, and it’s this: they may be able to build a good looking website, but they haven’t the foggiest idea how to sell.

Least of all when it comes to a highly technical product that they don’t really understand.

We, on the other hand, have always specialised* in mastering complex products and then expressing their benefits in a way that sells.

It’s the principle behind good advertising.

And if you want a great website, it has to be the principle behind good web design as well.

* We’ve done it in human pharma (GSK, Cambridge Antibody Technology, Incyte Genomics), veterinary pharma (Intervet, MSD Animal Health), telecoms & internet (Nokia Mobile Phones, Nokia Telecom, Nortel, ANT, UUNET) and software (Trace, Cognotec, and, most recently, Linguamatics).

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