Ask anyone why they use Facebook and you’ll get a similar response. 

It’s for sharing moments and communicating with friends and family.

After all, Facebook is a social networking site; unsurprisingly, therefore, it’s used socially.

But isn’t that obvious? Well, apparently not. More and more companies are turning to their marketeers and saying “why aren’t we on Facebook? Everyone else is. It’s what the young people identify with“.

“Not having a Facebook presence makes us look out of touch!”

Well no, actually, it doesn’t. ‘Young people’ don’t care whether you have a Facebook page or not. They’d never visit it if you did. In fact, hardly anyone would.

“B2B doesn’t work there, because when people are on Facebook they’re not doing business”

Because Facebook is used socially. If they want to find out about your company they’ll search for you in Google and visit your website.

When someone is logged into Facebook they’re enjoying their social time, which is precisely why B2B doesn’t work there – because when people are on Facebook they’re not doing business.

Maybe those businessmen and women who decide to waste valuable time on the upkeep of a company Facebook page have never used the site. Because if they had, they’d realise how inappropriate a B2B medium it is.

Just ask some young people.


By Caitlin Alvey

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