Over the years we’ve sold beer, bananas and mobile phones to consumers; wood-stains, drains and windows to architects; vaccines to vets; antibiotics to farmers; software to the City; and lots more besides.

And in every field – whether consumer, trade or technical – we’ve been able to differentiate those products and set them apart from the competition.

We often find that the more technical the product, the easier it is to differentiate.

Other agencies, though, clearly find it harder to get to grips with a trade or technical brief.

Which is perhaps why so much business-to-business marketing is bland or mediocre.

In every market we see companies that look alike, sound alike, and say much the same things.

But we also see a fantastic opportunity to get your products and services to stand out.

Dare to be different. Find out more – or call us on 01223 421207.

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