Stanton Shallcross is an award-winning marketing & creative agency based in Cambridge, UK.

Our objective is simple: to boost your sales. The differentiation strategies we use to achieve this have proven to be remarkably effective over the years. Good strategy means we can be “media-neutral” too, selecting the right tools for the job, whether digital, traditional or integrated.

“We’re proud to remain the odd ones out”

We specialise in business-to-business and technical clients, and we have significant expertise in pharmaceuticals, B2B software, architectural products and telecoms.

We act as our clients’ marketing consultants at a strategic level, often enjoying close working relationships for many years. Our clear, simple advice helps you to grow, by cutting through today’s marketing clutter and positioning you where your competitors are not. Focused, impactful and relevant creative work then completes the task, almost always leading to increased revenue.

“We work with clients to identify the difference that makes them relevant to their target audience and will sell their products. In an industry that’s now awash with identikit messaging and blinded by false metrics, we’re proud to remain the odd ones out.” Jon Shallcross

The company was created in 2008 following the management buyout of Russell Associates, a long established Bedfordshire-based advertising agency.

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