Differentiation works.

It worked for a small window manufacturer, who we helped to double sales and generate quotations for £30m of new projects, all in the space of one 18 month campaign.

They’re now a £30m company.

It worked for a vaccine manufacturer with a PR problem, who we turned into the authoritative voice of an industry (and got a five point share gain almost as a by-product).

It worked when we launched the UK’s first decorative wood-stain and gave birth to a new multi-million pound market.

And it worked when we helped a Finnish mobile phone manufacturer to overtake their Japanese competitors in the UK.

But these are just headline successes taken from many years of doing business.

Differentiation works just as effectively for our current clients, both large and small.

For the writers of software, the designers of dresses, and the makers of roof hatches.

Differentiation works.

Let us make it work for you.

Dare to be different? Send us an email – or give us a call on 01223 421207

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